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Junk Car Buyer Baytown Texas

We Buy Cars in Baytown Texas

  • Several times a week we buy cars in Baytown TX with no title.
  • Same Day Pickup is offered, this means we are the fastest junk car buyers in or around Baytown!
  • We not only pay cash for cars, trucks and RVs but also tow them for free!

So if you have an old junk car taking up space in your driveway or garage? we want to pay you top dollar for it. The price of fixing it out weighs what you could get for the vehicle. We will always pay cash for cars in Baytown and free towing is included.

Our Cash for Cars Baytown Program is Rated the Best Out of All

There are a lot of untrustworthy junk car buyers out there. we are not one of these. We pay you cash on the spot and tow the damaged car away free of charge. In all the years we have been buying cars in Baytown Texas, our process is still the easiest.

You could sell your junk car to a junk yard or scrap metal yard but you will not get as much as what we pay. Many junk yard and scrap car buyers change their price once they arrive on location. This is bad business and not something we do. The cash quote you get over the phone is what you are paid!

No matter what is wrong with your vehicle, we want to buy it. Wrecked cars, flooded cars, broken down, or just old and worn out.

How to Sell Your Junk Car Baytown Texas

Selling your car is easy. below we will go over the steps to try and help you. Don’t worry no matter how complicated you think it is, we make it easy for you! Below are a few sample questions we ask when you call 281-813-8815:

  • Year Make and Model of your Vehicle. This helps us to give you a price. We pay up to $10,000.00 for junk cars. The price is based on the auto salvage value. We recycle cars in Houston TX and the surrounding areas.
  • What is the Condition of the Vehicle? Look at your vehicle and think of what is wrong with it and if it is messing any parts.
  • We Give you an Instant Free Quote. After answering these simple questions we will make you an offer and schedule you to be picked up. Our junk car removal process is the easiest in the state of Texas!
  • Our Tow Truck Arrives the Same Day. The day you call us, our tow truck will arrive to do a little paperwork and pay you the exact amount we offer on your junk car. It couldn’t be easier!

We handle everything for you, no headaches or hassles.

How to Get an Offer Now?

junk car buyer baytown

There is a few steps you should take before selling your car and a few things to take care of after we purchase your vehicle. Here is a short list below:

  • The very first thing you should do when you are selling your car is for you to locate your title.
  • Clean out your personal belongings and paperwork. Don’t forget to look under the seats and in the visors.
  • Walk around the vehicle and notice any damages and missing parts.
  • Remove your license plates and registration sticker.

Now call 281-813-8815. The dispatcher will answer and ask a few questions, based off of your and we will give you an instant offered.

We Pay Cash for Cars no Title Running or Not

We can buy cars no title, sometimes. There are stipulations on this. Some cases we will have to turn you down. With us being a local junk car buyer, we are able to obtain a duplicate title to your vehicle, which allows us to buy junk cars. This means that enable for us to purchase your car without a title it has to be in your name with no liens on it. The quote you will get will be lower then if you have the title. So yes you can get cash for junk car with lost title!

When Will My Junk Car Be Removed?

We usually pickup the same day that you call us. Be sure to call as early as possible so the junk car pickup slots don’t get full. If the weather is bad we will get you the next day. When our driver arrives, they will fill out some paperwork.

How do I Get Paid For My Car?

We pay cash unless it is over $400.00. The reason behind this, is safety. It is not safe for our drivers to carry large sums of cash. We pay up to $10,000.00 for cars. When we pay you by check it is a business check from a local bank. Unlike some other companies you do not have to go and pickup you payment, the tow truck driver brings it with him.

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