Buyer Junk Cars Scams are Everywhere in Houston TX

Selling your junk car for cash is a great option. Cash for cars can come in very handy when you are needing money right away. But be very careful there are a lot of junk car buyer scams in Houston. This article will cover the scams you may come by when you sell your car for cash.

Make sure you are not getting scammed, the best way to do this is by ensuring you dealing with reputable Houston Junk Car Buyers. The first thing you should do is look at the reviews of the business. This will help you make a final decision. This of course will give you an idea of the type of company you are doing business with.

This article will tell you the most common cash for cars scams out there. We of course are not able to cover all of them. Do fall victim to any of them. If you get a funny feeling or anything call of the deal! Our goal is to help you spot a junk car for cash scam or not. enjoy your reading, you are more than welcome to give us a call, even if we don’t purchase your car we will answer your questions!

Telling You There is no Value to Your Car

You have to listen to your gut instinct. If you at any time feel like you are being taken advantage of, stop the deal immediately. Some companies will tell you it is worthless and they will tow your junk car away for free. Some will tell you they are just going to take it to their yard to look it over. Once they get it to their yard they will claim that it is worthless or offer you no cash at all. If you tell them you don’t want their price or don’t want to deal with them, they will try to charge you for a tow truck bill and make you tow your vehicle back home.Buyer Junk Cars Scams

They act as if your car is worthless and offers to do a junk car removal for free, in fact, they are making money from your car. Don’t let anybody convince you, that your vehicle is worthless. Your vehicle is never worthless. Even really old clunkers have value. Sometimes it will just be the metal value, but none the less they have value.

Keep in mind they are in business to make money. They would not just do you a favor just to be nice. They are making money from your vehicle. Instead, tell them you want to get a quote for it.

Telling You The Check is in The Mail Only Accept Cash for Cars

Do you want to be waiting around for the great invisible check to come in the mail? Never fall for this. Once you sign your Texas car title over to them, there is nothing you can do, they then own it. On;y accept cash before releasing your vehicle to anybody.

Not all checks are bad. If it is a local company and the bank is located within the Houston areas, you are more than likely to accept a commercial check. We give cash up to a certain amount, but over the amount, a commercial check is given. This is for the safety of our drivers and yours. Recently we have started using payment apps.

Offering You Fake Gifts or Incentives for Your Junk Car

Some car buyers will give you incentives or gifts that seem too good to be true, they are! They don’t care how they make a buck or who loses one. Many of these incentives are false or nonexistent. These fake gifts could be vacation vouchers, gift certificates, or free items.

these are often little to nothing. There is nothing wrong with receiving something on top of your cash, but make sure there are no strings attached to these gifts. Don’t let these distract you from getting top dollar for your car.

If the gift is so good, tell them you want your cash and you will purchase your own. You may lose a lot of money thinking there is a nice gift.

Not Giving you a copy of The Bill of Sale When you Sell Your Junk Car

When the car buyer arrives you have to legally sign over ownership. If you have your title that will have to be signed along with a bill of sale. Don’t give the license plates with your vehicle. The reason is they may drive it a rank up huge toll violations. If the junk car buyer tries to get you to keep the plates on the vehicle don’t do it.

Before the tow truck leaves make sure they give you a copy, of some sort, of the bill of sale for your records. We recommend taking a picture of it with your phone and emailing it to yourself. This ensures you have a copy in a safe place.

Demanding You Pay for Towing or Going Down of the Quote to Cover it

You should never have to pay for towing. They are purchasing your clunker. This means that it is their problem to cover transporting it to the salvage yard. A common way people are scammed with towing is when you get a quote they don’t tell you they are taking out towing before paying you or they pay you and tell you to pay the wrecker for the towing. Don’t ever pay for towing. a reputable junk car business will never ask you to pay for towing.

Junk Car Buyer Going Down on Quote After Arriving

Changing the quote after arriving is a very common tactic. The way it works is the quote will be really good. They then arrive and go down on the price. Suddenly there is damage you didn’t tell them about or they claim the damage is worse than you told them.

The very first call to them, you told them everything that was wrong with the vehicle. They might even try to tow your vehicle to their salvage yard before giving you a final price. You are then called and told your old car is not worth as much as they quoted you and they can pay you a small part of what you were quoted. Don’t ever accept an offer for less than you were quoted.

Paying You to Rate Their Junk Car Buying Service in Houston Texas

There is a huge growing trend in the car industry. Many companies are paying people to rate their service business. This is not only dishonest but against the terms of service for many of the rating platforms. Reviews are great but make sure you read them. If there is an uncommon lot of reviews that could be a sign of this happening, so be careful!

Who Buy Junk Cars Without Title in Houston?

We pay cash for cars running or not, this also includes if they are missing titles. If you lost your title and need to sell your vehicles contact us. There are a few extra steps that must be taken. When you call us be ready to answer a few extra questions.

Your vehicle has to be in your name with no liens on it. If there is a lien, you must have a lien release letter from the original lien holder. to get this call and request it from them. Don’t worry you can still get an instant quote for your clunker!

Who Buys Junk Cars in Houston?

Houston Junk Car Buyers pays you cash on the spot with free towing. You are wanting to sell your junk car and we are wanting to pay cash on the spot. Our offices are located right here in Houston Texas. Become our customer and know what sets us apart from other companies.

To sell your car and get a free no-obligation quote call us at 281-818-8815. The quote will be real and honest.


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