We Buy Junk Cars Reviews: Scams

We Buy Junk Cars Reviews of the Scams that Some NonProfessional Companies Try to Pull

We buy junk car reviews and scams that some companies will seek to pull on unknowing clients. We hope to educate not only the residents but the general public across the country. Knowledge is the key to getting top dollar for your old vehicle.

We Buy Junk Cars Reviews

Below are Some of the Most Common Shady Scams Some Junk Car Buyers Will Try

Not many people are educated in some of the day-to-day workings of the salvage industry or selling their junk car for cash

With the salvage and automobiles market going down, there are some, shall we say, not honest car buyers. They are out to make a quick dollar will be cheating you. The way to combat this is by being knowledgeable of what is good and what is not okay.

Below are Some of the Most Common Shady Scams Some Junk Car Buyers Will Try

Not many people are educated in some of the salvage industry’s day-to-day workings or selling their junk car for cash. Daily we hear horror stories of how people have been cheated and sold their car to a dishonest company only later to get tickets in the mail or even worse.

  • Using Fly by Night Car Buyers:

    There are so many flies-by-night junk car buyers out there; it is hard to keep up with them. The way this works is someone goes out and purchases a car trailer to haul the vehicles. They buy a car trailer to keep from getting a license from the state for a wrecker. They also don’t have a salvage license to purchase vehicles legally. This means this fly-by-night car buyer is unable to turn your title into the state.
    Unfortunately, many of these vehicles are fixed and sold on the side of the road. The title is never being transferred over to the new owner. This is very dangerous for you. If your vehicle gets into an accident, you could be held responsible for the crash. Having far-reaching implications for you and your family.

  • Title Transfer Issues:

    This is a regrettable issue that affects so many that end up doing business with a fake car buyer company. What happens is your sell your vehicle, thinking everything is ok, and a couple of months later, you start to get tollway violations, red light tickets, or fines in the mail. This is because the person you sold your vehicle to actually did not junk it or follow the correct legal procedures set forth by the state.
    These types of companies give legitimate companies a bad name. If at all possible, make sure you are dealing with a legal and local car buyer. This ensures you have legal recourse if something were to happen.
    Not all of the companies you find in your favorite search engine online are local or even really local or an automobile buyer. What they do is collect your information and sell it to the highest bidder. These types of companies don’t care if the person purchasing your information is a legal business or not. All they care about is how much they are receiving for your information. A story on the news a couple of years back about a company ran by a wanted felon praying upon his clients; these companies don’t have any recourse, so they don’t care if you are harmed! This isn’t very good for the industry and the public!

  • Teaser Quotes:

    A teaser quote is when you are offered one price for your vehicle, but they offer you a lower price when the company arrives. This is common practice with even licensed companies. One this company will never practice. We let you know if there is a chance the price may go down. This deceitful is wrong!

  • Payment Problems:

    Make sure to receive payment at the time when you hand over the title. Do not sign anything or give your title up until you know you are getting paid in full. Don’t let these companies tell you to go pick up the payment; they have to bring you the payment at the time of picking up your vehicle. We have heard stories of some of these buyers telling people they will give them half until they get the title. Well, if a legitimate company comes out and does the right paperwork, they can get a copy of your title. This is usually a scam, and you will not get the rest of your money!

  • Being Charged for Towing:

    When a company is purchasing your automobile, they should never charge you for towing. The vehicle is theirs after they buy it, and it is their responsibility to have it transported to its destination. NEVER PAY FOR TOWING!

  • Valuing your Vehicle at Nothing:

    Some fly-by-night companies will come out and say your car is worth nothing. This is not true. Even if they purchase it for metal, your car is worth something. When parts are not worth anything for vehicles, we will purchase them for the metal or transfer you to another company that may be interested.
    Companies that try to remove your vehicle for free are not doing you a favor; they are, in fact, trying to cheat you!

  • Gimmicks Prizes:

    This is very common when people are trying to donate their vehicle to a charity. The companies will offer you a free vacation or a chance to win a larger sum of money. You are basically accepting the prize as payment to the vehicle. This means you possibly are unable to take the vehicle off of your taxes. Always consult a professional tax professional about these types of donations before you do them.

Junk Car Buyer Reviews Are Very Important

When you find a company you are interested in selling your vehicle to, go online and search for that company’s name and read the customers’ feedback that has sold them a vehicle before. We recommend googling “Junk Car Buyers Reviews (Company Name Here)” to discover what is being said about them. Not every comment is going to be the best. A real company has a mixture of reviews, not just perfect ones. This will help you to judge how the business conducts their day to day activities and treats clients.

Beware of What is Termed as Junk Car Buyer Umbrellas

These are companies that have several locations across the country. These companies can’t have that many offices in the United States. What they do is purchase your vehicle at one price and send it to the auction, hoping to make a profit. A lot of times, these companies pay less than real, local junk car buyers.

Junk Car Buyer Reviews: A Real Local Junk Car Buyer

We are a real, local junk car buyer that never practices these scams listed above. If you would like a no-obligation quote, please call us at 281-813-8815. We will ask you a few questions about your car and give you a quote based on your answers. Being a licensed junk car buyer, we hope these articles helped you!


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