Flooded Car Buyer Houston With Free Towing

Sell that Flooded Car for Cash!

We pay you cash on the spot for your flooded car Houston. We don’t care if you have lost the title. We are still able to work with you. Flooding is never good, and we don’t ever want it to happen to anybody. If it does happen, we want to purchase your flooded vehicle.

We pay top dollar for all damaged cars and flood-damaged vehicles. Let us face it, Houston Texas floods even with a little bit of rain. It can rain for 30 minutes, and it begins to flood.

Flooded, Wrecked, or Junk Cars WANTED

We don’t care what condition your car is in. We will pay you cash on the spot with free towing. When we send our wrecker out to pick up your vehicle, you will receive cash on the spot. No games or no gimmicks, plain old hard cash. We are known for paying the most for flooded vehicles.

Reasons Flooded Car Buyer Pays the Most for Flooded Cars

We saw other companies that are not paying Houston residents right for their flooded cars. We did not like the fact that these other companies were taking advantage of the situation. We have never taken advantage of our customer’s misfortune.

No Title Junk Car Buyer

If you have lost your title, we can still purchase it. There are conditions for us to do this. Your car must be in your name, and you can not owe any money on your vehicle. We will run your vehicle’s Identification number to verify this.

You have to have the key to your vehicle and a valid state-issued ID. This is a must and can not be bypassed. If you are unable to supply this for some reason, we are unable to purchase your vehicle. This can not be waved.

Free Towing for Junk Cars

When we purchase your old vehicle, we will send our wrecker to pay you cash and do the paperwork. No worries, we will do the paperwork for you. Once again, we don’t care what kind of shape your car is in. We want it.

Many other junk car buyers will give you a quote but change the quote when they arrive. We will never do this. For many years our business has run on the same principle, do unto others as you would like to be done!

How to Get a Quote from Houston Flooded Car Buyer

Getting a quote from us is easy! There are two ways. Either call us at 281-813-8815 or submit your information on our handy online submission form. We will instantly give you a no-obligation quote. We always pick your vehicle up the same day you call us., the same day. When we take your vehicle, we pay you on the spot.

Our wrecker always arrives ready to pay you what we have quoted you. When the wrecker comes, he will need you to have state-issued identification or a driver’s license. Our wrecker will give you a salvage bill of sale and your payment on the spot! Yes, it is as easy as that.

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