Sell Junk Cars for Top Dollar Paid Today

Sell Junk Cars for Top Dollar Paid Today

Sell Junk Cars in today. No waiting, no-charge towing, and hassle-free. We are here to take care of your vehicle selling needs. Receive cash on the spot. Call today to. Have cash in hand tonight! Call 281-813-8815 for your instant quote now before it gets too late!

Sell Junk Cars is Easy with Our Simple Car Buying Process

We buy junk vehicles today for a top dollar. Free towing is always included at no additional charge. Sell junk cars for the full dollar today, no waiting, no games, just good old-fashioned cash in your pocket.

We are located right here in the Houston area. Because we are local, we can do things that other junk car buyers are unable to do. A great example of this is we pick up the same day as you call us. So many other junk car buyers are not able to do this. A lot of times, we arrive to pick up your vehicle within 2 hours. You want to give us a call as early as possible.

We Buy Junk Cars in The Surrounding Areas

Sell junk cars in Houston today. If you are looking to sell your junk car or junk truck, please give us a call. We are Houston’s number one junk car buyer. With over 40 years being located right here in Houston, we have purchased many new and old junk cars.

The main advantage of going with us is that we have the experience that so many of these other sell junk car companies don’t have. We work hand in hand with the state to ensure we are purchasing your vehicle properly. We are licensed to purchase vehicles.

By being licensed, we have to make sure we are doing everything by the book and right. This is very important to us. When we come out and purchase a vehicle, we always give you a receipt of purchase. Please keep this receipt for your records.

In fact, this brings up a great point about selling a vehicle. You have to make sure you are selling your car to a licensed dealer. As a licensed dealer, we are required to not only give you a receipt showing that we purchased your vehicle, but we are required to report it to the state. Many flies by night car buyers do not do this, and the client ends up getting notices in the mail about their vehicle receiving toll violations.

Get Your Sell Junk Cars Quote

Receiving a quote from us is easy as can be. All it takes is a call at 281-813-8815. We will ask you a few questions about your vehicle, and based on your answers, we will pay you top dollar. Furthermore, we always offer free towing. Keep us in mind when searching for sell junk cars. Remember always to have free towing!


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