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We are a full-service junk car buyer located in Houston Texas. We started in Houston many years ago. We love it here and made this our home. As a service-based business, we depend on clients calling and using us, thus we value you as a client.

So, you want sell your junk car for cash? We can help you do this!

  • Based right here in Houston Texas!
  • Rated the best junk car buyer by real clients!
  • Paid on the spot, no waiting for your money.
  • Get an instant offer from us by calling 281-813-8815


Our junk car buyer Houston program is still in operation. We are however running on a limited capacity. This is for the protection of us and you. Our drivers are maintaining a safe space from clients and wearing masks.

The dispatcher is working remotely from home and at times there is background noise. Please excuse us for this. Temporally we have suspended all vehicle drop-offs. Our tow trucks are still picking up junk cars and instant payments. We have just closed our drop-off location.

Major Problem Houston is Overrun with Junk Cars 

Houston has junk cars in the areas. Homeowner associations are ticketing and threatening homeowners. We want to pay you cash for your junk car running or not! Yes, I said cash for your vehicle. We offer a no-hassle, no problem selling solution.

Whatever the problem is with your vehicle we want it. We always tow for free. We pay more than other local junkyards or other car buyers.

Getting Cash for My Junk Car Is Easy

We designed our process to be legal and easy for you. Our goal is no hassles or problems. By making it easier for you. We stick to our quotes. We will never tell you one junk car quote and go down. Many other companies will go down. We don’t do this.

Don’t be fooled by marketing companies pretending to be Houston Junk Car Buyers. These are just companies selling your information. They claim to be located here but are not, some don’t even speak good English. These people are not firsthand experience in the industry. We are part of the local community on a daily bases and practice legal junk car buyer practices.

How to get Cash for my Junk Car Houston

Getting cash for your vehicle is easy. In the years we have been in business we have practiced old fashioned business practices, practicing integrity, honesty, on-time pickups, and paying the highest possible! We value you as a client and because of that, we want you to be happy with the customer service we give you.

We also want to make sure the process of selling your car is easy and hassle-free. Because we have adapted to modern technology, we are able to get to you faster, service you and pay you on the spot. So many other companies are still stuck in the old ways of technology, that they take forever to do one thing or the other.

To get a free junk car quote follow the steps below:

  • Call us at 281-813-8815
  • The dispatcher will ask you a few questions
  • Locate your title. (We can purchase with the lost title.)
  • Schedule the pickup day and time.

We oftentimes have clients that tell us they cannot believe it was so easy to sell their car. This makes us proud to help our fellow Houstonians!

How Much a Junk Car is Worth

There are a lot of variables in this. The market recently took a hit with the COVID pandemic. But I will tell you the factors of what goes into quoting your vehicle.

  • Year
  • The year of your vehicle matters a lot. If your car is only 5 years old you will receive more than if it is 15 years old. This is because the parts are worth more money to us the newer they are.
  • Make and Model
  • Make and Model both play a big part. For example, ford parts may be in demand of more than Chevy or Honda.
  • Condition
  • Condition of the body to your car is important, if you have wrecked your car we will not be able to sell the wrecked parts. This makes the price go down a little tiny bit.
  • Title or No Title
  • We buy junk cars without a title. There are certain extra steps that will have to be taken. Many people misplace or lose their titles. In order for us to buy your car with the lost title, there can be no lien on it. If there is a lien on it, you will have to get a lien release. We run the vehicle’s registration before we purchase it. Please let us know and we will walk you thru the steps.
  • Missing Parts
  • If you have missing mechanical parts, we can purchase it. The price will be lower than if you had not removed the parts.

Do you buy junk cars without title in Houston, TX?

Yes, we do but certain criteria have to be met. In order for us to purchase your vehicle, it MUST be registered in your name with an exact matching identification. We will have to make a copy of it for our records. We can pay cash for your junk car no title. There is a little extra paperwork for our driver to do. No worries we take care of it all for you. Don’t forget we always offer free towing on all unwanted vehicles we purchase!

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