Frequently Asked Questions (Junk Car Buyer FAQ)

Questions Frequently Asked About The Junk Car Buyer Process Our Junk Car Buyer FAQ

Houston Junk Car Buyer is asked many questions daily about selling your vehicle or junk car removal program. Below is a list of our most commonly asked questions with answers to these questions.

Houston Junk Car Buyer Licensed in Texas?

We are authorized to purchase junk cars in Texas. For many years we have been your local junk car buyer. We don’t car the year make or model of your vehicle, we want to pay you top dollar.

Types of Vehicles we Purchase.

We pay cash for cars of all years makes and models, running or not. We don’t care if they have been wrecked, flooded, or junk old and worn out. If you have something that uses a motor and tires, we will pay you cash for it!

What is Needed to Sell Your Vehicle?junk car buyer houston

You will be required to have valid state-issued identification. The state requires this. It must be in your name. We will also need the title to the vehicle. We must verify you are the legal owner of the vehicle in order for us to purchase your vehicle.

Will, You Still Buy my Junk car, I Lost My Title?

Yes, we are able to. There are a couple of extra steps we must take. When you call us please have your license plate number and vehicle identification number (VIN) ready. We will run this to ensure it is free and clear of liens. If you have a lien on your vehicle, you must have a lien release. The vehicle must be in your name, the same name that matches your state identification.

Do I get Cash for My Car?

Yes, we do. Now if we are paying more then $500.00 for your car it will be by check. Our drivers do not carry a lot of cash on them for safety reasons. This day and age make it dangerous to carry large sums of cash.

When You Pick up my Car What Paperwork do You Need?

The paperwork is easy. When our tow truck arrives they will fill out the paperwork for you. you will, of course, need your state-issued identification and the car title, if you have it. when we finish filling out the paperwork, you will have to sign it and place your thumbprints on it. You will then instantly get paid cash for your car.

If I Accept an Offer How Long Will it Takes to Pick up my Car?

We strive to pick up your vehicle the same day you call us. After you accept our car quote please get your title in order and located. We want to pick up your car on the same day. If it is storming or is late in the day we may have to pick you up the next day.

Houston Junk Car Buyer Pays Cash or Check?

We know that it is hard to get to the bank and battle with the new social distancing. If your quote is under $500.00 we will pay you cash on the spot. If we are paying over $500.00 for your car we will have to give you a check.

Please call 281-813-8815 for your no-obligation instant quote or fill out our online form. Your sell my car search is over!

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