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We Buy Junk Cars and Running Vehicles in Houston, TX & Surrounding Areas 281-813-8815 to Sell your Vehicle for Cash Today!

If you live in the Houston area and want to sell your car, you have come to the right place, Houston Junk Car Buyer Buys Junk Cars. We don’t care what kind of condition your vehicle is in. we will pay top dollar no matter what is wrong or not wrong with your vehicle!

We don’t care about the condition of your vehicle. It can be running or not running. It doesn’t matter. We will pay you top dollar no matter what.

The Difference between Houston Junk Car Buyer and other Junk Car Buyers

The thing that separates Houston Junk Car Buyer from other Buys Junk Cars companies is we are located right here in the Houston area. The company has four locations that we process our bought vehicles at. This is a huge advantage for you. Because we are a local car buyer, we understand the unique things that can happen to vehicles in the Houston area.

We never charge you for towing a vehicle. Other companies will charge you. We have never charged for towing of old vehicles that we purchase. There are a lot of other companies that do charge. A lot of times, they hide it. A great example is when they get to your vehicle; they start to go down on the price they quoted you. Please don’t do this. We are known as the best junk car buyers of all of them!

Always making the sale of your car an easy process. Streamlined the process to make it easy and headache-free for you. When you contact us, you start the process. We will ask you a couple of questions about your vehicle. Based on your answers, we will give you a free no-obligation quote. We then schedule your vehicle to be picked up at your convenience. Once our wrecker arrives at your location, the whole process should take no more than ten minutes. Yes, it is that fast and easy to sell your car to us. Keep in mind we always pay premium dollar for 2008 and up.

Buys Junk Cars takes Advantage of Technology

A long time ago, Houston Junk Car Buyer took advantage of cutting-edge technology. We have our trucks on GPS’s and all of our scheduling for all four locations are computerized. This has allowed us to streamline the pickup process. We usually pick up your vehicle the same day as when you call us. After about 3 pm, we usually schedule for the next day. This is due to Houston’s traffic.

We have also leveraged the use of text. We will text you all of your information about the pickup. Buys Junk Cars has never been more technologically advanced. Proud of our advances and the fact that we were the first company to bring these concepts to the Houston market.

Houston’s Local Car Buyer Paying Top Dollar

Buy junk cars and pay the most, no matter the condition of your vehicle. We also schedule the pickup based on your schedule. We will come to your house, shop, or place of work to pick up your vehicle. Wants to make sure that you have a painless, simple selling process.

Do I Need the Title to Sell my Vehicle to Buys Junk Cars

Yes and no. we can purchase some vehicles without a title. If you have a title you will get a lot more than if you don’t have a title. We can help you get a duplicated title for your vehicle. (The vehicle has to be registered in Texas) we are unable to purchase vehicles that are not in your name if you are missing the title. If you have lost your title, when you call us, please have either your license plate number or your vehicle identification number, so we can run it and verify it is in your name.

Get your Quote Today From Buys Junk Cars

We are always willing to give you a free no-obligation quote on your vehicle seven days a week. You have found the right company for you. Give Buys Junk Cars a call for a quote 281-813-8815 for a quote on your vehicle.


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