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Ten Simple Steps to Getting the Most for Your Car

  1. Be Informed of the Current Cash for Cars Market Value of Your Vehicle:

    This is a tricky question to answer. The online sites are great to start getting an idea, but this is not always the case. In fact, many times, these places are flat wrong. They just want your contact information.  A great example is some cars for cash, that are in Texas don’t suffer the damage the same car suffers up north where they put down salt for snow. That same vehicle would be worth way more down here in Houston Texas.
    Convertibles are seasonal. It is easier to sell them during the summertime and spring. Fall and winter, it is almost impossible to sell them.
    Family Sedans are always in demand. These are used by couples and family so that everybody can go places. These are inexpensive but retain their value longer.
    Trucks and work vans are always in demand, but with the economy being slow, they are no longer bringing in premium dollars like they used to.
    Collector cars will bring you the high dollar, but it takes a long time to sell them. They have to be marketed to collectors and costs more to sell. If you find the right buyers, you will be able to sell your cars for more than expected.

  2. You Must Price Your Vehicle Competitively:

    You want to make sure you are not overpricing your car or underpricing it. If your vehicle is the lowest, you will lose money in the sale, but you will not sell it at all if you are overpriced. You want to be in the middle. Keep this in mind when you are pricing your vehicle to market.

  3. Clean your Car and Give it a Coat of Wax:

    Washing your car is the first step. Don’t forget to detail under the hood and in the trunk. Sellers often overlook These, but buyers tend to look at these areas.

  4. Figure Out the Best Place to Advertise:

    Figuring out where to advertising is not only hard to do but also can be very expensive. Make sure to look at your options before you make your mind up.

  5. Write an Attention-Getting Ad:

    This is another critical step. Creative writing is paramount at this stage. Your ad must draw attention and be different from the other ones the potential buyers see.

  6. Demoing Your Vehicle to Prospective Buyers:

    Showing your car when you sell your cars is vital and crucial. You want to meet the person or persons in a public place. Remember, you do not know what kind of guy you are attending, and the number one thing is safety. Always make sure a family member or friend knows where you will be. We suggest you ask for their driver’s license and take a picture with your phone, and text it to the person that knows about the meeting. If the individual has a problem with doing this, then do not meet with them. Don’t take any chances. Your life and safety are not worth a car!

  7. Get Ready to Barter and Negotiate:

    Bartering and Negotiating is part of the selling process. The sellers will more than likely ask you to go down; they may even try to offer you half of what you ask. Stand your ground; do not go down. Most of these buyers will point out every single little flaw. Please don’t fall for it.

  8. Finish The Sale:

    Finish the transaction promptly. You do not want to take too long. The longer you make, the higher chance of the buyer walking or talking you down on the price. You want to keep a copy of your title for your records. You also want to write out a receipt and have the buyer sign the receipt along with yourself. The description of the vehicle has to be on that receipt, along with the date. Make sure to place sold as is no warranty on your receipt. This will release you from any liability if your vehicle happens to have a problem after your sale.

  9. Steps After you Sell your Car:

    There are certain steps you want to take after selling your car. These will release you of all liability and protect you from any civil liability. The first thing you want to do is cancel all insurance on the vehicle. Ask your insurance to be canceled the following day after the sale. The next step is notifying the state of the sale. In Texas, you can go online and put all of the information in, and the sale is recorded immediately. You also have the option to cancel the license plates on the vehicle. We recommend this to everybody. This forces the buyer to register the car. 

Sell your Cars Yourself and what to Expect

We hope this article helped you in your quest to sell your cars. It is a hard process, but you can do it. Follow the above steps, and you should be fine. Remember, we pay top dollar for all cars running or not. Cash for cars is our business, and we hope you have found the help you needed from us! Remember, you CAN get sell your cars fast without any issues!

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