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We Pay Instant Cash for Cars Houston TX

So, you have an old car or truck you would like to get cash for? With us, you get paid on the spot. No waiting or hassles.

We are your local Houston Junk Car Buyers, not some company located in another city or state. Many other companies will take your information and sell it on the web, we do not and have never done this!

Don’t be fooled by other impersonating companies. We are family-owned and operated with many years of experience in the junk car buying industry.

Ways to Know if You Should Sell Your Car to A Junk Car Buyer

  • It looks ugly and you are embarrassed of driving it
  • Too much hassle to sell it privately.
  • It’s always breaking down and is not reliable.
  • You cannot trade it in.
  • It is really old and outdated.
  • You wrecked it.
  • It got flooded.

The above reasons are great reasons for getting cash for my car, running or not. No matter the year make and model we will pay you cash on the spot for it. We are the biggest junk car buyers Houston.


Why Choose Houston Junk Car Buyers

  • We are a local junk car buyer.
  • Instant payment.
  • Not having to bring us the vehicle, we pick it up.
  • No hassle car buyer.
  • We do all of the work for you.

We are a small local junk car buyer and value you as a client. Without you we know we cannot have a business.

I Live in the Outskirts of Houston

We cover all of Houston and surrounding areas. If you don’t see your area listed on our website please give us a call to see if we cover your area. Most of the time we do. We go 40 miles from downtown. This is a lot of areas to cover but we do it. You call us, same day pickup!

You will not be hassled by us. Our goal is to give you an instant offer that you can count on. Junk car removal in Houston Texas could not be easier.

Documents You Need to Sell Your Junk Car

The documents you need to sell your unwanted vehicle is pretty easy. If you have your title the process is a lot easier and goes faster. You will need your title and a valid state-issued driver’s license. You also must be over the age of 18.

If you do not have your title, we can still purchase your vehicle but it must be in your name with no liens on it. If you have a lien on your vehicle you have to request a lien release from that lien holder. Without the lien release, we will not be able to purchase it.

When our wrecker arrives, they will need a copy of your driver’s license and will fill out a form for you to sign. A receipt of purchase is always given to you.

Best way to get a Free no Obligation Cash Offer From Houston Junk Car Buyers

The best way to get a free no-obligation junk car quote is for you to call us, 281-813-8815. Our dispatcher will ask you a few questions about your vehicle and based on your answers we will give you a solid quote. Yes, it is that easy!

We always offer free towing for your junk cars in Houston. No other company has as much experience as we have.

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