How to Spot Crooked Junk Car Buyers

How to Spot Crooked Junk Car Buyers

A crooked junk car buyer or crooked tow truck driver is terrible for everybody in the industry. Junk Car Buyer Scams cost everybody!  These junk car buyers have several junk car scams to pull in more profit from the vehicles they purchase under the guise they are for salvage. You should know about this because it could cost you either buying a car or selling a junk car or a truck. These areas are known as cash for cars. Read below to learn about how crooked junk vehicle dealers commit these scams on the unsuspecting!

This article is to educate you. We Junk Car Buyers believe an educated buyer is far better than a non-educated seller. If you have any questions about anything in this article, please let us know, and we will be more than happy to answer them. Below we will go over some items we received on one of our social platform accounts.

How Junk Car Buyer Scams Workjunk my car

There are several ways crooked junk car buyers will scam unknown sellers and buyers. The most common we hear about is what we have termed teaser quotes. Teaser quotes are when you call a junk car buyer, and they offer you a very high price for your vehicle only to go down on the amount later. There are two ways they do this.

An old practice that has been going on for a very long time. You will call with an unwanted vehicle. Ask how much of a payment you want for it. No matter what you ask for, they will say they are interested in it. They will pay what you are expecting. Crooked dealers will ask you to text them pictures of the vehicle. They usually act excited about the car and say that they will come out and pay for it when they can get to you.

Then, the next day, they put you off another day. After that, they will text you and tell you their supervisor said they could not pay the amount you are requesting. So they lowball you for the vehicle, usually nowhere near what you have asked for. They are gambling that you do not want to go thru the hassle of locating another junk car removal service. Thus accepting their car buying offer. The money is usually a lot less than they offered you or you requested.

The Second Way a Lot of Junk Car Buyers Try to Scam you.

The second and another widespread practice using a twist on the above is a new technique. They will have you text them photos of your junk car or truck. Then make you a high offer on your vehicle, one you really can’t refuse. They will then tell you it will take them a few days before they can get to you. After a couple of days, you will try to call them, but they will not answer. They will then call you from another phone or one of their friends. This person will then ask if you still have the vehicle for sale. Well, they know you do still have them for sale because it was them who stood you up.

Switch an

junk cars for cashBait and Switch Junk Cars for Cash

At this point, they offer you a much lower price. They know that you are tired of dealing with junk car buyers trying to sell your vehicle now. They play the odds; you wouldn’t believe how many people get taken this way.

Confusing You With Different Scrap Car Terms And Statements

Buying junk cars is not something that is common knowledge. Customers often have no idea what the complete process is. Junk yards will use terms like warped scrap cars and missing catalytic converters to convince you the vehicle is not worth anything, thus getting or for pennies on the dollar.

Sometimes when they are there, the thing or deal they tell you is the value is much less than what you described to them over the phone. They claim to have experience in scrap metal services to know the differences. Junk car buying companies are professionals and do not practice this type of misdirection of their clients.

Your clunker is worth money, even if the catalytic converter is missing. Make sure you get a receipt for the sale of your vehicle. An honest junk car removal service will offer one without you asking. We ask the client to take a photo with their phone so they are able to save it to the cloud.


These junk car buyer scams are a horrible practice. I wish the companies that do this would stop using this method. Until you, the junk car seller, are educated, they will get away with it. We want you to be aware of all selling junk cars scams that we can.

Our company would never do this to anybody. You are asked a few questions about your vehicle, then give you an estimate of how much we are willing to pay for your car, simple as that. If there is a possibility that we may change the price, we will tell you at the time of your call. We hide nothing from you. We don’t practice deception, just plain old-fashioned honesty!

Please call us for your free no-obligation real quote at 281-813-8815. We pay cash for all makes, models, years, damage, basically everything! We specialize in honest junk car removal right here in Houston and the surrounding areas! We take care of our customers and our reviews say it all! We always offer free towing in the Houston area!

Remember, when we quote you a price, we stick to it. No games, no tricks, and no junk car buyer scams, just plain old honesty! Houston Junk Car Buyer is here to pay you top dollar!


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