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Houston Cash for Cars Running or Not

If you live in the Houston, TX area and need to sell your car in Houston, we are the right company. We do junk car removal running or not, in any condition, with or without a title. We pay top dollar on the spot and tow for free! No matter your vehicle’s condition, we will pay high dollar for it, running or not!

What Sets us Apart From Other Junk Car Buyer

In Houston, Texas, there are hundreds of car for cash companies. Many are not real companies, fly-by-night operations operating illegally or even out of state! We are located in Houston, TX, with four locations. These locations are to serve you better and take advantage of getting to you the same day. This means there is no long waiting period to get paid! Being a local junk car buyer lets us know the situations that affect us here, where they don’t exist in other cities!

Towing is always free, and you are paid at the time of pick up. Many other companies charge you for towing by either telling you there is a charge or deducting it from what they pay you. They hide it this way. An example is they show up at your vehicle and start deducting for damages or missing parts they knew were not there. We call this a teaser quote, and it is a dishonest practice!

junk car buyer houstonSell Your Junk Car With The Easiest Process

Our custom paid on-the-spot car selling process is the simplest in Houston, TX. Our goal is to buy your car and make it a headache and hassle-free! When you contact us at 281-813-8815, we ask you a few simple, easy-to-answer questions and based on your answers. We give you a no-obligation quote.

When you accept our quote, you are then scheduled to be picked up and paid the same day! Our wrecker arrives with the cash to pay you at the time of pickup!

Buys Junk Cars Houston Takes Advantage of Cutting Edge Technology

A long time ago, Houston Junk Car Buyer took advantage of cutting-edge technology. We have our trucks on GPS’s and all of our scheduling for all four locations are computerized. This has allowed us to streamline our pickup process. We usually pick up your car in Houston, the same day as when you call us. After about 3 pm, we usually schedule for the next day. This is due to so many cats in Houston causing traffic. We are proud of our advances and the fact that we were the first to bring these concepts to the Houston auto salvage market.

We are Houston Texas Local Car Buyer

Since we started right here and plan to stay here as long as possible, we are the closest junk car buyer to you, with four locations.

We come to your home, job, shop, or family’s house to pick you up. this is a painless and easy process. Our drivers do the paperwork for you. This ensures you have a painless and easy selling experience!

Do I Need the Title to Sell my Vehicle?

You can sell your car without a title in Texas. We will go over the steps you MUST take to do it properly.

What is needed to sell your car with no title:

  • Valid state-issued identification.
  • The car must be free from liens or money owed.
  • You have to have a working key.

Reasons you can’t sell your car with no title:

  • You have a lien and owe money.
  • Your identification is not valid.
  • The keys are misplaced.
  • The vehicle is not in your name.

Where our tow truck arrives, they will run the vehicle’s registration to verify your ownership. Your identification has to match the registration. There is some extra paperwork that is required. We obtain a title and get you to sign a state-mandated form for us to obtain a certified duplicate title.

Get your Quote Today From Buys Junk Cars

We are always willing to give you a free no-obligation pay cash quote on your vehicle seven days a week. You have found the right company for you. Give Buys Junk Cars a call for an instant quote at 281-813-8815.

With all The Car Buyers Out There Why You Should Use Us

All of the Car Buyers in Houston, TX, Reasons you Should Use Houston Junk Car Buyer:

  1. No other auto salvage company pays more cash than us!
  2. You are never charged for towing or administration fees. Many other companies do attempt to charge you.
  3. Don’t let your home owner’s association or city fine you or tow your vehicle off for free; make some well-needed money from it!junk car removal houston
  4. We pay cash at the time of pickup, no having to go pick up a check or drive across town. We bring it to you!
  5. All of the paperwork is done for you. This eliminates the worries and problems with selling your old junk vehicle. All you need is your identification and proof of ownership. Many other companies make you do all of the work, and you have to bring them your vehicle.
  6. We have the biggest coverage area of all of the other junk car buyer coverage areas. We also purchase more cars than any of the other ones.
  7. Your vehicle is recycled, not fixed, and sold. This ensures it does not become a pollutant.

Houston Junk Car Buyer is here to Take care of all of your Junk Car Needs!

As a company specializing in salvage cars in Houston, TX, we want to take care of all of your cash for car services. We pay top cash and are proud of it! There are no long waits or hassles to jump through to sell your car.

Our wreckers pick up cars in Houston daily. There is no having to go in and pick up a check. It is brought to you.

Getting a cash quote from us is very easy. Give us a call at 281-813-8815. We will ask you a couple of questions about your car, and based on your answers, we will provide you with an instant quote and schedule you to be picked up at your conveyance. Our Junk Car Buyer Program has you covered!

Auto Buyers has always Offered a Price Guarantee.

The oldest junk car buyer in Texas, Auto Buyers, has been in the junk car buying a business for over forty (40) years. They have always offered a price guarantee. It has been in place since the company was formed and opened. There are many places to sell junk cars, but by far, Houston Auto Buyers.

Houston Junk Car Buyer has built a reputation in Houston and surrounding areas as a company you can trust. A company that keeps its word to its customers pays what it says it is going to pay. Houston Junk Car Buyer always pays a premium for these vehicles. They also pick them up for free. All vehicles are taken the same day as you call, sometimes within an hour or so.

Types of vehicles Houston Junk Car Buyer, Purchases

Not many junk car buyers in the Houston area can purchase all kinds of vehicles. We buy all types of vehicles, junk or not. In fact, junk cars are not the only thing we buy: junk RVs, junk motorcycles, and anything that runs on an engine.

By giving a price over the phone, we give the customer the power to know what they are getting for their vehicle. We guarantee you will receive the cash tell you. You would be surprised how many people are quoted a price for a junk car or truck by other companies only to have the price go down once the other junk car buyer comes out to pick up the vehicle. Houston Junk Car buyer never has and never will practice this.

Who Buys Old Cars in Houston?

Houston is the fourth-largest city in the nation, with well over two million residents. There are new junk or wrecked cars every day. Houston Junk Car Buyer has captured a major portion of these vehicles. They are all recycled, not fixed, and resold. To help our community by cleaning up our city and surrounding areas. Natural resources are reclaimed and put to good use. To sell your junk car or truck, contact us at 281-813-8815.

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