Junk Car Removal Service in the Metropolitan Areas

Junk Car Removal Service

So you have an old, unused, wrecked, or junk car taking up space in your driveway or your garage, you need a junk car removal service! Sell it for cash today! You have found the most prominent car buyers in Houston! We are a local company that has been in the area for over 40 years. We specialize in buying junk cars and trucks, old vans, and old boats. We don’t care how new or how old your vehicle is. The condition doesn’t matter either. We buy them running and not running!

Reasons to Sell your Old Unwanted Vehicle for Cash

There could be several reasons for wanting to sell your unwanted vehicle. We are your local junk car buyer!
  • Reasons for selling your old car
  • How to properly market your junk car
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  • Licensed, Insured, and Bonded for Junk Car Removal

Reasons to Junk Your Car with Junk Car Removal Services

Their owners do not want so many vehicles. These cars end up taking up space in garages, yards, or garages. Some are abandoned and forgotten. These cars and trucks can be turned into cash with just a call. If you have an old vehicle just sitting around collecting dust, we will pay you top dollar for your car. If you are paying insurance and registration fees for a vehicle, STOP, sell it to us. It makes sense not to be paying charges for a car you are not using. junk car removal houston  

Frequently Asked Questions about Junk Car Removal Service

  • Will my Junk car be picked up and paid for the same day? Most of the time, yes. Our goal is to purchase your vehicle the same day you call us. If we cannot pick up your car on the same day, we will conveniently make an appointment with you. Junk car removal for cash near me.
  • Does Houston Junk Car Removal service pay cash or check for my vehicle?

    We pay both. We have to follow the laws of Texas. Depending on the amount dictates if we can pay you cash or a check. If you would prefer a cashier’s check, we are more than happy to settle with one. When we arrive, we come ready to purchase your vehicle. We have to do some paperwork. The paperwork usually only takes ten minutes to complete.
  • Will you buy my SUV or a large truck?

    Yes, we will pay you top dollar for them! We are known for spending more than anybody else on these types of vehicles. We even pay more than most dealers do on trade-ins!junk my car
  • Do you only purchase specific makes and models? We buy all makes and models of vehicles. Some junk car buyers will buy certain kinds of cars, not us. We are more than happy to give you a quote for your vehicle.
  • How easy is it to get a quote? It is straightforward. Just give us a call, we will ask you a few questions about the vehicle you want to sell. Based on your answers, we will provide you a quote. We do not hassle you at all!
  • When does my vehicle get picked up? We always try to pick up your car the same day as you call. We still pick it up when it is convenient for you. Houston Junk Car Removal Service has been in the Houston area for over 40 years. During this time, we always have and always will be family-owned and operated.
  • Are you local to the Houston area? Yes, we are local to the Houston area. We have always been located and based out of the Houston area and still will be found here. You are selling your vehicle to a local junk car buyer, not a national buyer, and allowing you to be sure that we are following all Texas laws.
  • What is the advantage of selling the Houston Junk Car Buyer my vehicle? The highest and best position we hear from our customers is the pick up speed and the price we pay. Most of the time, you will have cash the same day you call us. There are a lot of national junk car buyers that cannot pick up the same day.
  • What paperwork is required to sell my junk car? Houston Junk Car Buyer needs you to have a state-issued driver’s license or government-issued identification. The title to the vehicle you are selling. In some cases, we can purchase vehicles without a title. If you have lost your label, we are more than happy to obtain a duplicate from the state. When our wrecker or junk car buyer arrives to purchase your junk car, we will have a few pieces of state-mandated paperwork for you to fill out. We will pay you and give you a copy of your vehicle’s bill of sale at the end of doing this paperwork. The whole process takes about 5 minutes.
  • Does it matter if my vehicle is damaged or the tires are flat? We don’t care if your car is damaged or not. When you call us for your free no-obligation quote, we ask you what hurts your vehicle has—allowing us to give you an accurate quote for your car. Flat tires are not a problem. We need to know before we send a wrecker to pick up your vehicle. Let us know what kind of wrecker to ship from our fleet.
  • Does Houston Junk Car Buyer charge any fees? The plain and straightforward answer is no. some USA junk car removal do have hidden prices. We do not. Our towing and processing are free. We have never charged a price and don’t ever want to charge any fees!
  • When do I get paid for my Junk Car? You receive payment when we pick up your vehicle. We offer three types of payment for your vehicle, cash, check, or certified check. We cannot always pay cash for your car; the state doesn’t allow us to pay cash after a certain amount. We have streamlined our junk car buying process to get you taken care of
  • When do I get my payment? In most cases, you can choose to get your payment in two ways from Houston Junk Car Removal Service. You can either receive it on the spot in cash when your car is verified and picked up, or you can accept it as a check-in in your mailbox after the vehicle has been towed. The actual price will have been quoted to you beforehand over the phone, through email, or the online form service. If you need any additional information between the time your car is picked up and the check arrives in the mail, please feel free to contact your junk car specialists.

Houston Junk Car Removal Service is here to help

Houston Junk Car Removal Service is here to help you and make the process of selling your vehicle painless and easy. We always offer free towing! We still provide top dollar for junk cars! To receive your free no-obligation quote from Houston Junk Car Removal Service, give us a call at 281-813-8815. junk car removal houston
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