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sell my junk car

When it comes to selling your used cars, vans, trucks or junk cars, trucks and vans, there are many options out there. Salvage yards are an option, but you have to pay a hefty towing fee frequently. You can sometimes pull it yourself with a rope, but that is not safe at all!

Your Best Option When Selling a Junk Car

The best option to sell junk cars is to sell it to . When you sell cash for your junk car, it to us, you get the best deal, possible price with no hassles. Our process for being paid cash for junk cars is as easy as picking up your smart phone and calling us. We handle everything for you.

Keeping Selling Cars Simple

Our company is known for keeping things comfortable and as simple as possible. Our staff has worked with state and local officials to make the whole process simple and easy legally over the years.

Keeping our overhead down, it has allowed us to take cash for junk cars and pay more cash for junk cars. We recycle everything we purchase. This helps keep the city clean and free from abandoned vehicles, plus it is money and recycling is excellent for the environment. Those cost savings are passed on to our customers by way of speedy, convenient service and higher payouts. It’s a win-win!

Always a Fair Cash for Cars Price Running or Not

There is no haggling with you when our wrecker or tow truck driver arrives. Many other junk car buyers will show up and go down on the price they quoted you. We pay you exactly what we quote you—no haggling or misdirection. When our truck or our own tow truck driver arrives, they arrive with cash to pay you. You always get a fair and accurate price with us!

Call us Now to Sell Your Car.

Please don’t waste or lose any any more money or time; call us at 281-813-8815 to get an instant cash offer for your vehicle. We usually pick up your vehicle the same day you contact us. There is no long waiting or hassles you have to pay cash for to go through.

Junk My Car Houston Texas

If you are in Houston, TX, and need to rid yourself of a junk car, call us. We specialize in junk car removal for top dollar. Don’t deal with shady car buyers. Use the best in the junk cars industry!

We are a locally owned and operated business, not some out-of-town company trying to sell your property, information and property to the highest bidder. We only serve Houston and the surrounding cities. Price haggling is not something we will accept or do!

Hassle-Free with No Issues or Problems

At Houston Junk Car Buyers, our reputation means the world to us. We want you to know and see the integrity that sets us apart from other junk part stores and businesses like us. We want to give you a junk car worth paying a fair amount and make you happy!

Our tow truck is scheduled at a convenient time that meets your day. There are no hidden charges paid. Towing your van is always free, and there are in most cases not any hidden charges paid. You are given cash, not paid a bill!

Sell Car No Title

We buy used cars, with no title. There are laws and rules we must go by. The vehicle must be in your name with no liens on it. If you have used car with replacement title and an auto lien on it, we will require releasing the lien on your car from the original lien holder.

Requirements for Selling a Non-Titled Car

  • The vehicle MUST be in your name.

  • No liens on the vehicle.

  • If you have a lien, a letter of release.

  • You can not owe money on it.

  • You have to have the keys.

To get a Junk Car Quote, Please Call 281-813-8815. We are here waiting for and accept your call!

Lost Your Title

Selling Car without a Title

Are you looking for someone to “Buy a car online without a title?” we can purchase cars and some vehicles without a title. We have to take special procedures when purchasing a non-titled vehicle. The state has made special restrictions on insurance for purchasing vehicles sold without a title.

What is Required to Sell My Junk Car Without a Title

Will purchase these vehicles. Below we will list some of the requirements for customers purchasing a non-titled car.

Requirements for Houston Junk Car Buyers

  1. When calling us, we will need your vehicle’s VIN or vehicle identification number.

  2. Your vehicle has to be free of any liens. This means you may not owe any money to your vehicle.

  3. You MUST possess a current valid form of state-issued identification or driver’s license.

  4. The vehicle has to be registered in your name.

  5. You must have the keys to the vehicle.

These are some basic requirements for us purchasing your vehicle with a lost title. There are more, and we can go over these when you call for a quote. Unfortunately, we do not always pay cash or much at all cash for non-titled vehicles. We will also have to do extra paperwork. This is to record the transaction.

Call Houston Junk Car Buyers for all of your Selling Car without a Title

Selling a car without a title can be a real headache. Whether it’s because you lost the title, or it was never transferred to you, no matter what you may think that you can’t sell your car without it. However, at Houston Junk Car Buyers, we specialize in buying used cars, without titles. We offer top dollar for your car, cash, and we’ll even tow it away for free.

If you’re wondering how it’s possible to sell your car online without a title, the answer lies in the laws of the state of Texas. In some cases, we can purchase and sell your cars without a title if you have a valid ID and proof of ownership. We’ll work with you to get additional paperwork to make the steps as easy as possible and ensure that you get paid the best possible cash for your car online.

Sell Junk Cars Today With Instant Offer

At Houston Junk Car Buyers, we make the process of using cash for junk cars, using cash for junk cars or selling a car without a title quick, simple process and hassle-free. All you need to do is give us your scrap car a call at 281-813-8815, and we’ll take care of the rest. Our expert team will ask you a few simple questions about your scrap car, and based on your answers, we’ll provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.


Once you’ve accepted our offer, we’ll schedule a convenient time to pick up your car. We’ll come to your location and tow your car away for free towing only. We know that selling a car without a title can be stressful, which is why we strive to make the process as fast cash easy and straightforward as possible.

If you’re worried about getting a fair price for your car, you guys can rest assured that we offer the best price in cash or top dollar for all vehicles. We don’t care about the condition of your car – whether it’s running or not, or whether it’s been in an accident – we’ll still pay you fair market value or top dollar. We’ll even handle all of the paperwork, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Fill Out the Online Form to Sell Your Junk Car

Don’t let the lack of a title hold you back from selling your old car now. Give Houston Junk Car Buyers a call today at 281-813-8815, for an instant quote, and we’ll take care of everything. We’ll pay cash to you top dollar for your car, and we’ll tow it away for free towing too. Contact us today to get started and sell my junk car!



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