We Buy Junk Cars

We Buy Junk Cars Running or Not

We buy junk cars running or not, no matter the condition. Top dollar is offered on the spot with free towing. Being a local car buyer and having our base of operations right here in Houston has great advantages for us along with you. Being a local business allows us to understand the unique needs of our fellow Houstonians.

What Happens to The Junk Cars We Buy Under Our Program

So you are interested in selling your old junk vehicle to us, and you are wondering what happens to it. Here is a brief explanation of the life cycle of an old junk car after we purchase it.  This will be an interesting article, so sit back, get a cup of coffee and kick up your legs.

The good news is about 99% of your old car is recycled into the new usable material. No other product is recycled more in the world. Most people think cans and glass are the most recycled, but it is automobiles and auto parts?

The Very First Thing That Happens

Your vehicle is taken apart piece by piece in the yard. The parts are then sent to be refurbished and made ready to be resold to a core buyer. Core customers rebuild old parts and make them like new and sell them to the parts houses.

Body parts are also removed and sold to body shops, salvage yards, and other misc places. This gives your junk car a new lease on life!

The fluids in your vehicle are also a huge source of pollutants to the environment. Don’t worry; these are all recycled also. By recycling them, they are getting a new lease on life and not letting them leak onto the ground and contaminate our environment.

The remaining frame and metal parts are put into a large shredder designed primarily for vehicles. Your old form is dropped into the top of the machine and instantly gets shredded and comes out of the other end in half dollar sizes.

These half-dollar chunks of metal are then sent out to various smelters that will melt them down and make them into new usable raw metal. This recycled metal could become a new automobile, chair, or even a home.

Metal is not the only thing that is recycled. Tires and interior are also recycled into new and usable parts. The tires are separated from the rims, and the tires are distinct,, and the rims are, of course, recycling.

The tire is put into a different shredder and shredded into small pieces, and the metal is separated, the metal belts are recycled into usable metal parts. Pure rubber is used on things like playgrounds, other tires, and parts. New tires are also made up of about 14% recycled materials.

The next new car you either buy or see is about 30% used materials from previous vehicles. This is perfect for the environment and keeps local jobs busy.

This is Why We Buy Junk Cars

The plan is always to recycle and pay top dollar for all vehicles running or not. Every vehicle we purchase is towed for free. For a free no-obligation quote, please call us at 281-813-8815 and tell them you want to get a quote under the we buy junk cars program.


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