We Buy Junk Cars on The Spot Same Day

We Buy Junk Cars on The Spot Same Day

We buy junk cars on the spot the same day you call us. There is no waiting for days or getting the runaround.

FINDING THE TIME to research what to do with a damaged or non-running scrap car or truck can be frustrating and confusing. Hectic lives, work schedules, and household commitments can make it challenging to determine your next steps and get them done quickly. Then there’s the issue of presenting the title. When you move from location to place, paperwork gets lost.

We Buy Junk Cars makes selling a junk car or truck as easy as it can be. In this article, we will cover basic information to help in this process. Selling your junk car or truck is not hard. We have taken the hassles out of getting cash for cars, Houston.

Selling a Car in Texas with a Title

The title safeguards the owner from unauthorized sales (theft!) It likewise safeguards genuine purchasers from purchasing stolen cars or from purchasing automobiles with existing liens. If there are liens on the title from a bank or a title loan business, the borrower still owes cash even if the automobile has been sold to someone else. Technically, the lien holder (bank, car dealership, finance business) still owns the car, so the sale may not be valid, and the purchaser is out the cash with absolutely nothing to show for it. If there are 2 owners on the title, both owners have to sign for a legitimate, legal transfer.

More information here: http://www.txdmv.gov/motorists/buying-or-selling-a-vehicle/add-remove-lien

Can We Buy Junk Cars Purchase my Car if I Have Lost the Title?

Here in Houston, you can go to the local, regional TXDOT office and pick up a certified copy of your title. The cost is $5.45; you will need your vehicle identification number or a state-issued driver’s license.

Google Maps Directions to the Proper Office

Suppose you can hold on to your vehicle for a little while. You can also make a mail-in application for the title to your vehicle. The cost is only $2.00. Find more information here.


Selling a vehicle with a bonded title is no problem. If you have an automobile without a title and want to sell it, getting a bonded title IS an alternative. Nevertheless, the process isn’t rapid, and you MUST meet particular conditions. You need to be a Texas homeowner. The car needs to have been formerly titled in Texas and CAN NOT BE JUNKED, ABANDONED, STOLEN, or missing out on any needed components (frame, body, motor.) You should buy a surety bond at 1 1/2 times the vehicle’s value must the owner return and assert ownership. For total information, click on the following link listed below.



There are junk purchasers out there that operate outside the law. No legitimate salvage business will purchase a scrap vehicle without a title. Some buyers might purchase your car for parts and ditch the metal. Others might get it running again and resell it without a title or have a “buddy” at the DMV that can get a doctored title for it. Your scrap vehicle might be sliced up and combined with (an)another automobile(s) to make a “Frankenstein” then sent out of the state or country. Normally you’ll get no more than $50-$100 for your vehicle, far less than if you sell it with a title.

If you desire an AMOUNT for your scrap vehicle or truck, stay within the law utilizing the approaches above. This safeguards you, the buyer, and future unsuspecting buyers down the road from harm and loss.

We Buy Junk Cars pays Cash for Cars on the Spot.

Give We Buy Junk Cars a call for your free no-obligation quote. We will ask you a few questions, and based on your answers, we will give you a quote—Call 281-813-8815 for your Houston Junk Car Buyer. We always tow what we purchase for free. Call us now. You WILL be happy!

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