How Do I Sell My Used Car

Steps to How do I Sell My Used Car

So you have made your mind up that you want to purchase a new vehicle, but you are still not sure what to do with your current vehicle. A dilemma that is played out daily. You have several options; you can sell it yourself, keep it or trade it in on your new one. Recently there has been a trend in the car industry; people are selling their vehicles. Our hope is this article will help answer your question “How do I sell my used car?”

Trading your car in on a new one is not always the best option. Many people do this, only later to find out they lost money in the trade. I know this is an easy way to liquidate and get rid of your vehicle. We will go over the steps and techniques you can turn your old vehicle into more cash for you!

The First Step in Selling Your Vehicle How Much is My Car Worth

The first thing you must do is figure out your vehicle’s real value or how much your car is worth. There are several ways to do this. The easiest way to do this is to search the web in your area for prices of a vehicle like yours and see what they are going for. This usually gives you a higher estimate than they are worth but still a ballpark. Another way is to search on Craigslist. Craigslist is a great place to figure out a starting price for your vehicle. Many of the people selling on Craigslist are individual sellers; you don’t want to get a dealer price. Dealers always mark their cars as high as they can to have a negation room.

Step Two Get Your Vehicle Ready to Sell

This is my favorite part of selling a car, getting it ready to start trying to sell it! Your car’s appearance has a lot to do with how much someone is willing to pay for it. A dirty undetailed car is not appealing to the eye. But no worries, you can change that! The very first thing you should do is clean everything out of it. Look in all the typical places like the glove box and under the seats.

Once you have everything cleaned out, drive it to the local carwash. Must carwashes have vending machines with everything you need to give your vehicle a super detail! No, I will tell you to start backward from what most people will say to you. Start with the inside. Vacuum the car. Get in all the cracks and the seats.

Start in the trunk. Vacuum your trunk. These areas never get cleaned and usually need it badly. The trunk is more significant than you think. Often things get put in the trunk you do not want to put in your vehicle’s cab.

Step Three to How do I Sell my Used Car

This is the time to do any significant repairs your vehicle may need. Have they done at your favorite mechanic shop? Do not try to do any repairs yourself unless you are qualified. People often think it is easy to do the repairs, but they are significant repairs and complicated. Don’t make this mistake.

Be careful during this step, be careful that you don’t spend more than what you will make on your vehicle’s sale. Repairs are a touchy part of the process. Do not ever sign a blank work order. Make sure the mechanic work order is always filled out before you sign an authorized to work. Make sure they are away that no additional work is performed without your authorizing.

Step Four to Selling Your Car

This is a fundamental step that is easy. Placing an ad to sell your vehicle. There are all kinds of places to place an ad. Your local paper is an excellent choice. Online auction sites are often used. Craigslist is a great market for you to list your vehicle on, and the bonus is it is free!

No matter where you advertise your vehicle, you MUST beware of the dangers of having a stranger come out to you to purchase your car. You don’t know who you are meeting, so always let someone know where, when, and when you are meeting someone. You want to give someone as much of the information as you have. The person you are meeting could be a wanted criminal or worse. So please be careful!

Where to Sell my Car Online

If you would like to sell your car fast and instantly, we offer an excellent way to sell your car immediately. “How do I sell my used car online?” this is a question we receive a thousand times a day. We will ask you a few questions, and based on your answers, we will give you an instant quote. Our quote also comes with free towing. Many other companies will charge you for towing but not us, ever!

Once we quote you, you are scheduled to be picked up. Most of the time, we pick you up the same day you call. This is a service that only is offered by HJCB! We make sure to schedule you at a convenient time.

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