Sell Junk Cars in Houston

Are you Looking to Sell Junk Cars in the Houston Area?

While seeking to sell junk cars in Houston, you found us excellent to come to the absolute correct place. Houston Junk Car Buyer has been in the Houston area for over 40 years. Because we are a local car buyer, you cannot deal with a company located in another city or even state. We have always prided ourselves on paying the most and giving the best customer service.

Houston Junk Car Buyer Pays the Most

Junk Car Buyer pays the most for your vehicle with no games or tricks! Many companies will tell you they are paying a huge sum, but once they get out to purchase the car, they lower their fees or promise to come out and never do. We always pay cash for the car!

Another trick they are doing is saying they are coming out and contacting you either by call or text and letting you know they can’t take that day, but they will purchase it. Then the following day, they offer you less for your vehicle and hope you will take it. The offer is usually far less than any other junk car removal company will.

Junk Car Buyer does not play this kind of game. We never have and will never do this. In fact, Houston car buyer owners are all Houstonians and don’t want a bad reputation.

Houston Junk Car Buyer Same Day Free Pickup

We offer same-day free pick up, yes I said the same day. This means there is no waiting for your cash for days on end. We don’t make you wait on your money or wait for a check in the mail. We hand deliver your funds to you the same day you call!

Since you are Looking to Sell Junk Cars in the Houston Area

Please give us a call and request your free no-obligation quote. We will be more than willing to answer all of your questions about the process. We will pick your vehicle(s) up the same day as you call. This in itself makes our service worth it, not to mention we pay more than anybody else. Give Houston Junk Car Buyer a call for your free no-obligation quote right now at 281-813-8815

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