We Buy Cars Houston for Cash the Same Day

Houston Junk Car Buyer buy cars, Houston, the same day. Yes, we will pick up your vehicle the same day that you call us for a quote. There is no waiting for days to get your vehicle picked up or waiting for your cash; you get it on the spot! We buy cars, Houston! The premier Houston Car Buyer.

We are located right here in good ole Houston, Texas! Houston Junk Car Buyer is not an out-of-town or even out-of-country junk car buyer! Our base of operations is right here! We are fellow Houstonians. Do not be fooled by some companies with a local number but are really located in another state or even another country! They collect your information and sell it to the heist bidder!

We Buy Cars Have a Houston Cars for Cash Program.

Our Houston Cars for Cash Program is one of a kind catered to help with you receiving top dollar for your vehicle running or not! Yes, we pay very well for your vehicle running or not. Our Houston Cash for Cars program has been streamlined to help the short on time and is seeking the highest pay for junk cars.

Most Houston Cars for Cash programs take well over an hour. Our program takes about ten minutes. We handle all of the paperwork and vehicle transfer work for you. This relieves the common stress associated with selling a vehicle. Because the state licenses us, we can notify them that we purchased your vehicle.


What makes We Buy Cars Better than the Rest of the Houston Cars for Cash Programs

  • We are Local
    Houston Junk Car Buyer has been located right here in the Houston area for over 40 years. We currently have four locations set up across town.
  • Family owned and operated
    this is truly a family-owned and operated local junk car buyer. There are not many licensed and bonded junk car buyers in the Houston area, and we are the oldest.
  • We are known for paying the most.
    Because of how long we have been in business, we have developed relationships that enable us to pay more for your salvage or unwanted vehicle.
  • Free towing with every purchase of a vehicle
    Yes, we offer free towing on all vehicles we purchase. This is not a gimmick like other companies that attempt to lowball you or deduct towing from your price.
  • We don’t resell your vehicle.
    So many so-called junk car buyers will purchase your vehicle with the intent of fixing it and reselling it. We do not do this. Your vehicle will be resold for parts and recycled.
  • We recycle
    Our main goal in purchasing your vehicle is to recycle it. So many vehicles sit in a driveway or salvage yard and rot away.

Are you Looking for Buys Junk Car Houston?

You have come to the right place. We always buy junk cars, Houston! We are the biggest junk car buyer in Houston. No need for the rest you have us. We want your business and understand that you have many choices out there. Our customers mean a lot to us; in fact, we treat them like family! Give us a call!

How you get a Quote from Buy Junk Cars Houston

Getting a quote from us is easy. The best way is to call us at 281-813-8815. We will then ask you a few questions about the vehicle you want to sell. Based on your answers, we will give you a quote. Remember, we buy junk cars, Houston!

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